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Israel has evolved from a start-up to a scale-up nation, or 'innovation nation', attributed to a dynamic ecosystem where tech entrepreneurs and engineers thrive.

For non-Israeli citizens, investing in startups is often considered high risk, and the process is complex.

So the question arises 'What Israeli-founded companies are available to buy on the financial stock exchanges?'

So at, we believe investing in Israel should not only be for the wealthy privileged few.

The founders here at have made it our mission to democratize and simplify the process of investing in Israeli Stocks, no matter where you are located in the world.

We don't provide you with investment advice or guidance, however, we present to you the key essential information, clearly and concisely, along with a specialist Israeli AI platform, that empowers non-professional investors to make their own informed data-driven decisions.

We believe that owning a slice of Israeli entrepreneurial success should be accessible to all Israel supporters worldwide.

The Israel Stock List ebook is sharp and to the point. It is a collation of all the Israeli-founded companies listed on the financial markets. Saving you hours having to conduct your own.


" How do I buy into Israeli innovation?"

"How do I buy stocks in Israeli companies?"

"How do I buy Israeli stocks?"

"How do I support Israeli businesses that are trading outside of Israel"

These are a snapshot of some of the most common questions we receive here at

Small private investors like yourself and your family and friends want to take action to support Israeli-founded businesses but understand that investing in startups is high risk as startups typically have a significantly higher failure than success rate.

This is why we have written the Israeli Stock List, a simple less than 50-page ebook that reveals all of the Israel-founded companies that are available for you and I to buy online via an online broker. These Israeli companies have passed the due diligence needed to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange, the NASDAQ, and the London Stock Exchange.

"So what about those Israeli Stocks that are publically available to buy?"

This ebook is available for only $9 for a limited time only. However, do take advantage or the 2nd ebook as we will be increasing the price very soon.

No get-rich-quick, no financial advice, and no short-term get-rich-quick thinking.

We are not hustlers, we are genuine Israel supporters with long-term wealth accumulation.

After purchasing the ebook via the blue button below, should you choose to go ahead and purchase stocks in some of the Israeli companies you can do some via a trusted online broker. Within the Israeli Stock List ebook, we provide the trusted online brokers that we use here at Again, this is not investment advice or guidance.

This revised and refreshed 2024 Stock list ebook will increase in price by the end of Q1 2024.

So take the opportunity today to get the Israeli Stocker Tracker while it's only $9.


  • Save hours of time having to research all the Israel-founded companies
  • Gain a simple easily accessible list of the companies, categorised by industry sector.
  • Well structured - separated by the financial market, London Stock Exchange, the NASDAQ, and the New York Stock Exchange, in a simple ebook format.


  • Stock Picking advice or recommendations.
  • Get rich quick programme, nor do we encourage and short-term 'hustle' mindset
  • Words with waffle. The ebook is direct, concise and straight to the point, allowing you to save time to go and make your own stock purchase decisions.


"The Israel Stock List is a super helpful and simple way to identify all of the Israeli Founded Companies listed on the Financial Markets. I'm still surprised that Jon is giving this away for free!"

Joshua Pex - Israeli Lawyer

"Clear, clean and to the point. The Israel Stock List get to the points and will save your hours trying to ascertain Israeli companies that are on the financial markets" -

Pirooz Abir - CEO or LiquidInvoice LLC.

"I’ve built and maintained online communities of over 25,000 people online. Some members are passive, and some are active in the battle to advocate all the great ways in which Israel blesses the world both scientifically and economically. Jon is the the latter, and is quite an inspiration"

Sabine Sterk - Founding Director -

Time To Stand for Israel

"The Stock List saves hours of research into finding Israeli-owned companies. It is a useful tool to identify potential investment opportunities and makes for an enjoyable and easy read. I couldn't recommend it more"

Will Moore - KingsGate Consulting - Business Planning


The Israeli Stock List and the Israeli Stock Tracker do not, nor does any content on, or the Open Invest YouTube channel, constitute investment advice. Naturally, not all Israeli companies are created equal and investors should do in-depth research before purchasing stocks in any company. Investors should review all risks entailed in their investments and make their own investment decisions based on their absolute discretion. This book is for edutainment purposes only and is intended to help fellow Israel enthusiasts to find out who are the Israeli-founded companies that are publically.

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